Boarding at Heartwood Arabians is $365/month, and any breed of horse is accepted. We only offer stall board, and boarding is on a month-to-month basis. Boarders are responsible for all veterinary care and farrier needs for their horses.

Having boarded our horses for several years before building our own facility, we know how important it is to feel that your horse is safe and well-cared for. We designed our facility with this in mind. You will find no varnished walls, stained-glass windows, or luxurious client club room at Heartwood Arabians. Our facility was designed primarily for the horses - but we offer amenities found in many of the larger training barns.


  • Well ventilated with full ridge-cap vent, turbine roof fans, and 12-inch vented soffets.
  • 10X12 stalls, some with Groundmaster mats, some with Summit interlocking stall mats. Bars are placed to prevent hooves or legs from getting between them.
  • Separate tack stalls with cross-ties. No cross-tying in barn aisles.
  • Wash rack
  • Heated tack room
  • Attached 60'x120' indoor arena. Floor leveled and footing replaced with mason sand, Stabilizer, and SportsGrid.
  • Stalls bedded with sawdust and shavings; stalls cleaned daily.


Horses are fed 4 times/day per the following approximate schedule:

  • 6:00 am - hay
  • 8:30 am - grain
  • 4:00 pm - hay
  • 6:00 pm - grain

We feed our own grass and grass/alfalfa mix hay. The hay is complemented by Buckeye Feeds' Grass Plus Performer 14, top-dressed with Buckeye Gro'NWin Horse and Foal Ration Balancer as required by the individual horse's age, physical development, training and exercise regimen. The feeding program was developed for us by Buckeye Feeds, who analyzed our hay, and based upon its nutritional values, provided us with our own individual feeding program for our horses and growing foals. So, we are assured that the horses are all receiving the nutritionally balanced ration required for their particular needs.

Other Features

  • Daily turnout
  • Blanketing service available
  • Medications disbursed by Heartwood Arabians, per veterinarian's instructions
  • Herd Health programs available at discounted rates
  • 100'x200' outdoor riding arena
  • 60' diameter round pen
  • Feed supplements fed at nominal charge


Heartwood Arabians
2877 East Labo Road
Carleton, MI 48117
(734) 586-8361

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