*Ortel Foals

We couldn't have asked for a better crop of *Ortel foals this year!!! *Ortel was bred to 2 Desperado V daughters, an AA Apollo Bey daughter, Krakus Telimena (a pure Polish mare), and a Sambor daughter in '99. The features that we see Ortel's influence on so far are: set and shape of neck, pretty faces, very hooky ears, motion, power, size, temperament and attitude.

HA Victor
(*Ortel x HA VictoriaSecret by Desperado V)

HA Samsson
(*Ortel x Samborzel)
HA Renegade
(*Ortel x HA Sassparilla by Desperado V )

HA Delilah
(*Ortel x Krakus Telimena)

HA Shamus
(*Ortel x Apollos Shabdeeze, by AA Apollo Bey)
Photos don't begin to do this colt justice - you must see him move to appreciate his quality!


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