(Zlotoglow x Oriana)


  • 1994 Chestnut Stallion
  • Shipped Semen Available
  • ARC Nominated Sire
  • IAHA Breeder's Sweepstakes Nominated Sire
  • NSH Nominated Sire
  • SCID Clear
  • Breeding Fee $1500. (Contact Heartwood Arabians for special incentives and discounts)

With no Huckleberry Bey or Bask in his pedigree, *Ortel is an ideal outcross for the Heartwood Huckleberry Bey- & Bask-bred mares, providing additional strengthen and depth to the Heartwood breeding program.

*Ortel is a big, strong, beautiful horse with a short back, high set neck, and powerful hip. He is gentle and delightful to be around. His pedigree is packed with consistently beautiful and athletic Polish horses - winners and champions on the racetrack and in the show ring.

With his first foals on the ground the spring of 2000, it is already apparent that *Ortel is passing on his athletic ability and beauty to his foals. He has been bred to a variety of mares and has been very consistent in producing beautiful heads and necks; compact, powerful bodies; and strong, straight legs. The foals also show the same big, hocky motion of their sire, and they have very distinct and charming personalities.



Zlotoglow Probat Pohaniec
Zlota Jesien Gedymin
Zlota Iwa
Oriana Europejczyk El Paso
Ostrozka Woroblin


For More Information on *Ortel or his foals, please select the appropriate icon from the navigation menu or contact Heartwood Arabians. A video is available.


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