The breeding program at Heartwood Arabians blends the strengths of Polish and American bloodlines producing beautiful, elegant Arabian horses that are not only competitive in halter and performance but are sensitive, gentle companions as well.

The broodmares, all with excellent lines to Bask, Comet, and Bey El Bay/ Huckleberry Bey, are the heart and soul of our breeding program. The older mares, bred to sons of Huckleberry Bey - the leading sire of halter and performance winners - have produced wonderful horses in the Varian tradition. To date, three of the daughters produced by this combination have been retained for the Heartwood breeding program.

As a result of the decision to keep the Huck-related daughters, we obtained the beautiful, Pure Polish, chestnut stallion *Ortel. *Ortel has complemented the strengths of these mares and has added more power, beauty, size, and athleticism to the equation, producing stunning foals with bright and charming attitudes.

The Heartwood Broodmares

There are currently 8 Heartwood broodmares, each contributing their own unique characteristics to their off-spring.

Lil Bint Silviraz (Baskmond X Bint Silviraz) -1983 bay mare. Bint, a Bask/Comet-bred mare, has produced foals by both AA Apollo Bey and Desperado V. These foals have done very well in halter and are continuing in their performance careers. The oldest, HA Thunder Bey (AA Apollo Bey x Lil Bint Silviraz), has won several Halter and Performance ribbons for his young owner and has taken her to several equitation championships. The oldest Desperado V foal, HA Sassparilla, was Top 5 Yearling Filly in Regions 13 and 14 and placed 14th overall in the Heritage Yearling Filly Sweepstakes at the 1995 Nationals in Albuquerque. HA Sassparilla has been retained as a broodmare and, in 2000, produced her first foal by *Ortel - an outstanding black bay colt.

Secrett (Bey Shah X Bint Charzana) - 1986 bay mare. We purchased Secrett, in foal to Desperado V, in 1994 from Sheila Varian. Secrett has had 5 foals by Desperado V - all extremely typey, with all the fire of the Desperado V and Bey Shah bloodlines. While tending to be extremely expressive and animated, all of these foals have been very affectionate and easy to train. We have retained 2 of Secrett's fillies - HA Xena (Desperado V x Secrett), a 1997 mare ( '98 Region 14 Top 5 Yearling Halter) who will be bred to *Ortel in 2001; and HA Victoriasecret (Desperado V x Secrett), a 1995 mare who had her first foal in 2000 - a wonderful chestnut colt( by *Ortel) who wins the heart of everyone he meets.

MS Eva (Barnaby X Elea) - 1989 black bay mare. By Top-10 English Pleasure Horse, Barnaby (a*Bask son) and out of the champion-producing Ego daughter Elea, Eva is a very athletic, beautiful-moving mare. Her foals (by Windstorm V and AA Apollo Bey) are athletic and free-moving - the oldest are just beginning their performance careers. These foals show potential for English Pleasure, Country English Pleasure, and Hunter Pleasure.

Samborzel (*Sambor x Baskzel) - 1986 bay mare. Samborzel is a retired, stakes-winning race mare, by Champion Racehorse, Sambor and out of the Bask-O-Zel daughter, Baskzel. She is very athletic, with a big round trot and snorty attitude. Samborzel has produced a 2000 chestnut colt by *Ortel that is truly the image of his sire.

Krakus Telimena (Adiutant x Traszka) - 1985 grey mare. Telly is a pure Polish mare bred by Dr. Bill and Barbara Pietruszka of Krakus Arabian Farm in Grand Blanc, MI. Telly has a big trot, beautiful tail carriage, and a lot of snort and blow. Telly has produced some wonderful foals by AA Apollo Bey, including Thalia Bey, bred by Pat & Charlie Brown - Thalia, at 4 years old, is already a champion in both Open and Amateur English Pleasure classes. Telimena was acquired from the Browns to breed to *Ortel. She produced a 2000 filly by *Ortel - a tall, elegant, and athletic chestnut.

Apollos Shabdeeze (AA Apollo Bey x Zazadzka) - 1994 bay mare. Shabdeeze was added to the Heartwood broodmare band specifically to breed to *Ortel. With a huge trot, Shabdeeze is breathtaking to watch out in the pasture. Shadeeze had her first foal in 2000 - by *Ortel - a big-trotting bay colt, with a "look-at-me" style.


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