Our Farm

The Heartwood Arabians facility was built in 1992 on 42 acres in Carleton, MI and was designed to create a healthy, safe environment for horses. Approximately 10 acres is devoted to pastures and paddocks, the remaining acreage contains the house, barn, and hay fields from which we harvest our own hay.

The Barn

The barn has 23 stalls - 17-10'x12' stalls, 5 foaling stalls ranging in size from 10'x16' to 12'x14', and one stall for our Shetland pony stallion, Scotty. Approximately 10-12 stalls are available for boarding; the remainder are filled by our broodmares and sale horses. The barn was built especially for the horses, so it is well-ventilated. Situated to take advantage of the prevailing southwesterly winds, it has a ridge-cap roof vent and turbine roof fans installed, as well as large windows spaced around the perimeter walls. Additionally, the entire area above the stalls and tack room is open; there are no hay lofts or roofs above the stalls. This allows for an uninterrupted flow of air.

The Indoor Riding Arena, attached to the barn, is 60'x120'.The floor has recently been re-leveled, and the old footing was replaced with mason sand and Stabilizer and Sports Grid. There is also a 100'x200' outdoor riding ring, an outdoor 60' diameter round pen, and trails around the perimeter of the property.

You will find no varnished walls, stained-glass windows, or luxurious client club room at Heartwood Arabians. Our facility was designed primarily for the horses - but we offer many of the amenities of larger training barns.


We feed our own grass and grass/alfalfa mix hay. The hay is complemented by Buckeye Feeds' Grass Plus Performer 14, top-dressed with Buckeye Gro'NWin Horse and Foal Ration Balancer as required by the individual horse's age, physical development, training and exercise regimen. The feeding program was developed for us by Buckeye Feeds, who analyzed our hay, and based upon its nutritional values, provided us with our own individual feeding program for our horses and growing foals. So, we are assured that the horses are all receiving the nutritionally balanced ration required for their particular needs.


Heartwood Arabians
2877 East Labo Road
Carleton, MI 48117
(734) 586-8361

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